Whenever you see a successful
business, someone once made a
courageous decision

Combining financial business principles and vacation ownership experts with over 50 years in the market, providing a unique value at maturity and a guaranteed payment.

Allianceshares Investment Funds Incorporated was designed to complement your Vacation Club Membership by providing assets to repay the total cost of your vacation membership.

Formed in 1997 the Investment Fund and Retirement Plan was developed to assure members of their wise decision of combining the pleasure of vacations with an outstanding club service and also feel confident that at maturity time the guaranteed amount will be paid upon the chosen plan.

Allianceshares Investment Funds Incorporated is linked to your Vacation Ownership but is not available for all properties.


In many parts of the world, property owners have become familiar with funding their purchase through stock market investments, which pay out at the end of a specified time period.


Given the struggle that the vacation ownership industry has been facing throughout the years, Allianceshares has developed a unique opportunity to assure vacation ownership members a way to recoup their principal investment regardless of the type of vacation plan they choose to purchase. Whether is a traditional time-share, fractional ownership, point system, or full time ownership they all have the opportunity to acquire a repayment insurance plan through Allianceshares.


Allianceshares es un proveedor afiliado a AMDETUR


Allianceshares Investment Funds Incorporated helps people preserve and protect what they spent on their part-time or full time memberships around the World. Keeping this promise means we are there when our members need us most.

Learn more about our program. You may contact us directly or speak to your financial professional executive.
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