What is an Annuity?
- An annuity is a fixed investment fund insurance policy issued by Allianceshares Investment Funds Incorporated intended to provide vacation members a guaranteed income at the end of their vacation membership or on a specific term.
- People most often use Annuities to save money for their retirement and many use it to create an extra retirement income.
What does an Annuity do?
- Allianceshares Investment Funds Incorporated ANNUITY provides vacation members with an outstanding and unique option to recoup almost if not all moneys paid on their vacations after a certain period of time such as Maintenance fees, airplane tickets, exchange fees, annual dues, assessment fees, membership taxes, etc.
- Allianceshares Investment Funds Incorporated ANNUITY Allows you to accumulate money in a tax-deferred policy which may help you reach your retirement goals faster.
- Also referred to as fixed or deferred annuities, and there is no early surrender.
- Allianceshares Investment Funds Incorporated ANNUITY will help vacation members to turn money spent on their vacations in to a great long and medium term investment guaranteed.
- While life insurance provides financial protection against dying too soon, annuities provide financial protection against living too long. They do this by guaranteeing a stream of your vacation expenses for life. Earnings aren't taxed until they're withdrawn and in an offshore territory — so your money can grow faster.
What's the difference between a deferred Annuity
and simply withdrawing money from savings?
Allianceshares offers a guaranteed deferred investment fund as it eliminates the risk of outliving your savings. Periodically withdrawing from your savings exposes you to the risk of running out of money.
What happens to my Annuity when I die?
When you die and you have a deferred Annuity contract issued by Allianceshares your beneficiaries are guaranteed to receive the full amount of your Annuity upon the date of maturity and the agreed date is accomplished.
How do I report my payment for taxes?
Payments on your deferred annuity are not reported or taxed until the money is withdrawn. Once you receive your payment, you may report it to the IRA for tax reporting purposes.
What commission does Allianceshares take on my investment?
- None.
- Allianceshares guarantees a fixed sum return subject to our terms and conditions, and any money your return makes over is our profit.
How is my investment linked to my vacation membership?
Allianceshares Investment funds Limited Incorporated is planned to repay the total cost of your Vacation Membership once the time is due. This is by making profit of the Offshore Investment growth. Our plan is fixed and long term which helps us to guarantee the required levels of return with a small investment, just 5%.
Why is this plan supported by Vacation Clubs and Resorts?
  1. Motivates clients to continue using their vacation membership.
  2. Strengths clients to keep their membership in good standings.
  3. It offsets the costs on the membership and also ensures members to keep the quality of their vacations
  4. It helps to eliminate the competition such as websites and travel agencies offering dubious quality..
Why investing Offshore?
Many places and territories are known as tax havens, offer tax incentives to foreign investors. The favorable tax rates in an offshore country are designed to promote a healthy investment environment that attracts outside wealth. For a tiny country with very few resources and a small population, attracting investors can dramatically increase economic activity. Simply put, offshore investment occurs when offshore investors form a company in a foreign country. The company acts as a shell for the investors' accounts, shielding them from the higher tax burden that would be incurred in their home country. Because the company does not engage in local operations, little or no tax is imposed on the offshore company. Many foreign companies also enjoy tax-exempt status when they invest in U.S. markets. As such, making investments through foreign corporations can hold a distinct advantage over making investments as an individual.
What are the advantages of an Annuity?
Allianceshares Investment Funds Incorporated ANNUITY is among the most unique type of investment available, and there are many reasons why investors look to them as a key retirement savings' vehicle.

Some of the key benefits provided are:

Tax Free– Annuities stand alone as the only investment that is naturally allowed tax-free status. All monies invested into Allianceshares Investment Funds Incorporated grows tax-free until is withdrawn.

Guaranteed Payout:

Annuitants can rest assured that they will receive financial liquidity at the maturity date, even if they completely exhaust the value of the contract beforehand.

Revenue: Allianceshares Investment Funds Incorporated provides you with a round sum payment upon maturity.

Protection from probate and creditors:

Domineering a proper beneficiary election, annuities are not subject to probate. Annuities are essentially insurance contracts, your assets pass directly to your beneficiaries once the time is due.
What how do I claim my money?
Our clients have a period of 18 months in which to claim the redemption of their assets. Guaranteed payment based on the amount shown on the Policy certificate. This provides risk free return for our members.
Who monitors my investment?
Allianceshares Investment Funds Incorporated offshore experts.
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