Given the struggle that the vacation ownership industry has been facing throughout the years, Allianceshares has developed a unique opportunity to assure vacation ownership members a way to recoup their principal investment regardless of the type of vacation plan they choose to purchase. Whether is a traditional time-share, fractional ownership, point system, or full time ownership they all have the opportunity to acquire a repayment insurance plan through Allianceshares.

This means that existing owners and members of any Vacation play may be able to reclaim their purchase cost at a certain period of time, of course as with any exclusive offer this opportunity is not available for all properties.

Striving For Excellence

As the industry grows vacation ownership is firmly positioned as one of the most popular vacation options enjoyed by today's leisure travelers. Consumers are embracing time-sharing, making it one of the fastest-growing sectors of the worldwide hospitality industry. In fact, vacation ownership has enjoyed a double-digit annual growth rate over the past two decades. Why? Millions of owners have found timeshare's spacious floor plans and home-like amenities very attractive when compared with traditional hospitality products. Truly a home away from home, vacation ownership provides the space and flexibility needed to easily accommodate families and larger traveling parties.

Premier vacation ownership offers you a lifetime of luxury vacations, at a price you lock in today. Most people discover that after just a few years of ownership, they have more than recovered their costs. After that and outside of a nominal maintenance fee, your vacation property is paid for and waiting for you with no additional costs, adding a repayment insurance plan enhances your decision and that makes the perfect combination.

Repayment Plan was developed as way to assure customers of their wise investment decision. Not only do vacation ownership members get to enjoy the benefits and services of their membership but they can also feel confident that will receive a guaranteed lump sum payment upon the repayment plan's that covers their membership purchase price.

Consolidate Your Memberships

Enjoy the most beautiful Resorts with the best vacation plans, owning multiple memberships is not an issue anymore for Resort members. Now you can acquire multiple type of programs in different locations all around the world without the concern of owning too many, consolidate and increase the value of your investment and turn it in to a retirement plan through Allianceshares.




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