Allianceshares Investment Funds Incorporated: the premier provider of Vacation Ownership Deferred Annuities & investment funds.

In many parts of the world, property owners have become familiar with funding their purchase through stock market investments, which pay out at the end of a specified time period.

In 1997, after decades of experience in the Vacation Ownership and investment industry, Michael Diekmann, President & CEO of Allianceshares funded in Munich and Based out of New Zealand expanded on the idea of funding traditional property purchases and specifically designed a product that enables vacation ownership members the opportunity to secure 100% return of their investment over a fixed term.

In the early stages Allianceshares worked in partnership with many Resorts and vacation clubs throughout Europe, the concept was well received creating a huge impact in the Vacation Industry and today many Resorts worldwide are taking advantage of this invaluable benefit to complement their vacation plan and it is also used by the Resorts as an amazing sales tool.

Allianceshares becomes Europe´s largest insurer for timeshare owners in the latest 90s, eventually in 2005 expanded worldwide including mayor vacation locations such as the Caribbean Mexico and Hawaii to name a few, creating a huge impact for members in the USA Canada and Mexico.


Allianceshares Investment Funds Incorporated financial expertise derives from a team who are experienced in both investment banking and the Vacation Ownership industry. In understanding the concerns and experiences of vacation property owners, and taking advantage of diversification opportunities that allow our investment funds to achieve the highest capital gain, Allianceshares has been able to craft and deliver a specialized, fixed-term investment product.

Our investment portfolio strategically utilizes offshore tax havens, enabling us to adapt to continuing changes in the financial markets worldwide.


Despite inflation and the global economic crisis in 2008 Allianceshares becomes Germany’s largest insurer for vacation owners, achieving a total premium volume of over 100,000 active members the group thus becomes Europe´s largest insurer for the first time and also becomes one of the best vacation insurers in the world.

The accelerated expansion of international operations aims to consolidate this position long term increasingly international.

For Alianceshares Europe and America are the markets of the future, to ensure the ability to act internationally the holding company was created in 1995 & launched in 1997 this facilitates primarily the phenomena of mergers and acquisitions in European stock exchanges seen in the early 2000s.
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